Your Public image

  Whether you are a Model building a portfolio to acquire agency representation, or an entrepreneur looking to create content for public relations or social media. Private photoshoots are catered to your needs. Feel free to contact me regarding the content you need created!

Behind the scenes video

Example images from prior Photo-shoots

All images were taken from recent photoshoots!

In Studio Photoshoots

On Location Photoshoots

Photo Editing

Removal of facial glare, stray hairs, skin blemishes, whitening of teeth and eyes.

  • Skin blemishes
  • Whitening of teeth and eyes
  • Stray hairs
  • Eye brighting 

Free comp card

after 3 shoots


A comp card essentially serves as a models’ business card and is an essential item for any model, especially those models seeking agency representation.

A comp card should be two-sided and include a total of 5 photos (1 headshot on the front, and 4 separate photos on the back).

After a model joins  3 photoshoots they will receive get there CompCard layout for free. 


lets talk about your next photoshoot!

Please let me know what kind of photo-shoot you had in mind.

What kind of photo-shoot fits your needs?